A refutation for the baseless and false allegations against me!

Since the first years of my arrest, I started to write some proverbs, important sayings or events I found interesting in a small notebook. I kept this notebook handy on my desk. This morning when I set down to write my weekly article for BIANET, I remembered a saying from this notebook by Faruk Erem who was an expert on criminal justice in Turkey.

Faruk Erem had said: “It is possible for a person to continue his life normally in Turkey without committing a crime; however, it is not in his/her hand not to be accused and sentenced wrongly.”

When someone lives in Turkey, he/she understands very quickly that the situation is even much worse than this. In order to see this, it is enough to glance at the daily newspapers. When I read a news piece in daily Gundem Newspaper on Nov. 28, 2013, I revolted to the concrete walls of my prison cell with a huge rage.

What kind of thing is this?
What kind of mentality is this?

In the news it said the following: “ Selcuk Gokaltun, who is the Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis, had sent a letter to the head of the Swedish Parliament Per Westerburg and the other parliamentarians. In his letter, he claimed that all the 56 journalists in the list of CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) are terrorists.

Distortion of reality about the imprisoned journalists in Turkey has already become a classic. The Prime Minister Erdogan and other government officials and spoke persons continue to distort the reality every time they are facing questions of imprisoned journalists in the international arena. Every time they are cornered with these questions, they chose one and only one way to answer these questions: mud slinging. And they have no limitations what so ever in doing this!

He did the same this time, too, for the imprisoned journalists included on the list of CPJ! And in the letter he added reasons that were not even included in the prosecutor’s indictment documents.

In the news piece of Gundem Newspaper there was a direct accusation against me and through this I learned my “crimes”. It said that “Fusun Erdogan has committed crimes of assaulting people with guns and damaging buildings by explosives”.

During my last trial, the prosecutor made me a leader of an illegal organization without any evidence and asked for life sentence. Then the 10th Heavy Penal Court of Istanbul (with special authorizations) accepted this and sentenced me to life….. This was already a JUDICAL CRIME! Now, I read all these accusations not even after a month has passed after my last trial on Nov. 5th.

As if this were not enough, by Selcuk Gokaltun, I was declared and introduced to the whole world as a terrorist who used firearms and explosives.

I appealed the decision at the higher court. The 10th Heavy Penal Court still has to write and send a legal justification (reasons) to the higher court for the punishment they have given to me on Nov 5th, 21013.

I also have to mention here clearly and specifically that in the indictment of the court there was not a single reference to the accusation of the advisor Gokaltun.

After all this, I totally agree with Faruk Erdem: Yes, it is really possible to live in Turkey without committing any crime but …..

What about living without being accused and convicted wrongly? In Turkey, it is not unusual anymore to find yourself declared as a “murderer” on a newspaper.

And do you know what the worse part of all this? The worse part is that to find your hands tied up completely between the concrete walls of your cell and not to be able to do anything against all these false accusations and attacks.

To be able to do anything, you have to wait for a visitor or a letter or for the day of phone call you are allowed to have by the prison authorities!

I strongly condemn these unfounded/false accusations about me! I demand and urge the Minister Egemen Bagis and his advisor Selcuk Goraltun prove these accusations on legal bases with my case file and prosecutor’s indictment.

I am also calling all the journalists and/or public sensitive to these issues to stand against these mud slingings!

Fusun Erdogan
Nov. 30, 2013
Gebze women’s Prison